• Fridge Maintenance Tips

  • A refrigerator is a sophisticated home appliance that needs regular care and maintenance. Most of the refrigerator repair issues arise due to ignorance of the user. Professionals dealing with refrigerator repair service offer valuable fridge maintenance tips to customers and help them save their equipment from early damage. Here are a few measures suggested by fridge services agents Australia for different refrigerator parts. By following these tips, you can save on unnecessary costs on fridge repair.

  • Fridge door: Clean the rubber sealing of the fridge door regularly. The rubber sealing may get worn out due to continuous using or due to improper handling of the fridge. It may get dry when the lubrication dries off. It is important to lubricate the door by applying petroleum jelly on a regular basis. By doing so, you may save approx. $90 on refrigerator door repair costs.

    Door level: Check if the fridge door closes on its own. If it doesn’t, there may be a fault in the door hinge. The refrigerator door should also be aligned parallel to the body; otherwise, it will not get sealed properly. If there is any fault, you may get a refrigerator door repair done immediately.

    Fridge Compressors: Fridge Compressors should be cleaned thoroughly after dissembling it from the cabinet. If you are not aware of doing it, you may seek the help of a fridge freezer repairs agent. The cleaning will help remove the dust and insects trapped inside it and enable a smooth airflow around the freezer. This cleaning method will surely enhance the performance of the freezer and entire refrigerator parts, again enabling you to save from huge costs of refrigerator replacement parts.

    Fridge Condenser coils: Clean the Fridge condenser coil and remove the dust and dirt stuck on it. This is important to improve the efficiency of your refrigerator. A condenser coated with dust and dirt will make the refrigerator work harder and may cause damage to other parts of the refrigerator. It will also bring you inflated energy bills. Some of the fridges have coils on their back while others have it underneath. You may call a domestic or commercial appliance repair agent to help you.

    Drain the hole and drip tray: Cleaning the drain hole will remove the dust, mineral deposits or food part that got stuck in the hole and make the water from the condenser drip to the drip tray without having it to fall in the interior cabinet of the fridge.

    Defrost: The defrost functionality is added in all refrigerators to stop the ice buildup on the freezer. Home refrigerator repair agents warn users about the consequences of not defrosting their refrigerators regularly. According to them, defrosting can bring significant energy savings. It will also improve the efficiency of refrigerator, meaning you will be able to keep your food longer and healthier in your refrigerator.

    Odours in the Fridge: Clean the interior of the fridge with vinegar. Vinegar eliminates germs and odours. It's non toxic and family friendly. If there's very strong odours, leave a small cup of baking soda near the vent of the fridge where the air comes in.

    Leaving for Holidays: Put the thermostat on a lower setting and air flow from the freezer on the highest setting (allowing more air into the fridge). This will reduce the electricity usage while you're away.

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