• Storing Your Fridge Items the Right Way!

    Simple techniques of food storage in your fridge can save you a headache, time and money.

    We have put together some basic storage tips for you to follow to ensure the maintenance and working order of your fridge continues properly.

    Michael's Refrigeration Service and Repairs Sydney advises you on the best way to keep your refrigerator as well as the food items that are stored in the fridge.

    Avoid future problems of your fridge by following these simply points. Storing your fridge correctly helps with the consistency of your fridge's functioning. Follow these simple fridge storage techniques can save you alot of trouble in future.

    1. Don't put bananas in the crispers because they age the food faster.
    2. Wrap cheese in 3 freezer seal bags.
    3. Don't keep mushrooms in a plastic container.
    4. Always have meat and fish on the lower shelves of the fridge so they don't drip onto the other food.
    5. Don't put eggs in the egg cup holders. Leave them in the container. they pick up the odours from other foods otherwise.
    6. Don't leave butter open in the fridge.
    7. Leave a lemon in the fridge to remove unwanted odours.
    8. Don't leave too many bottles in the door. If they have a sealable lid, store them horizontally in the shelf. Most doors can only take a maximum of 6 litres of weight.
    9. Make sure that foods stored are wrapped tightly. If using sealable plastic bags, ensure that you squeeze out as much air as possible. This will allow for more storage space and will prevent over-freezing.
    10. Don't forget to throw smelly food out. This will prevent any harmful bacteria growing that is not noticed by the eye. If it has expired, or gives out a rotten smell or tastes bad...throw it out!