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  • We provide a range of commercial refrigeration repairs throughout Sydney. Our Commercial Fridge Repair Technicians are available for all types emergency repairs. If your refrigeration system is in need of an emergency repair call us on 0405 250 565

    We Offer and affordable, reliable and friendly commercial refrigeration service throughout Sydney. With over a decade in the appliance and refrigeration repairs you can rest assure you will be provided with quality service with our experienced commercial refrigeration technicians.

  • We provide all types of Commercial Refrigeration Repairs, Commercial Refrigeration Services and Maintenance throughout Sydney. Our Commercial refrigerator repair services play an important role in the smooth running of businesses which rely on refrigeration services to store their products.

    It’s important to keep your commercial appliances in good working condition so that they create a pleasant environment in your office or commercial establishments. Commercial appliance repair agents in Sydney and surrounding areas offer relentless services in refrigerator repair, replacement parts, and commercial refrigeration jobs.

    Michael's Commercial Refrigeration and Freezer repairs is a renowned name in fridge repairs and services for all types of commercial refrigeration repairs and services. Our service encompasses the repair of each component of refrigerators from all refrigerator brands in the country including Fisher & Paykel, Phillips, Maytag, Amana, Admiral, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Hoover, General Electric, LG, and Samsung.

    Most of the commercial refrigeration repair requests come for refrigerator door repair, refrigerator compressor repair or fridge freezer repairs. These are the parts that get affected easily due to the continuous use of the refrigerator in an office or industrial setup. It is important that you identify the fault immediately and rectify it before it causes significant loss to you.

    A slight defect in any of these parts may result in significant loss in the form of irreparable damage to the appliance or excessive power consumption. We offer repair of all refrigerator parts including doors, compressors, and freezers. Upon request we also offer professional help in refrigerator replacement parts as well.

    A compressor is an important part in a refrigerator. All fridge manufacturers supply compressors that are expected to last longer, for 10 or more years. However, there may be instances when they lose their efficiency due to mechanical fault, human errors or other technical issues. Refrigerator compressor repair from AAA Michael's Refrigeration Services offer expert service in the fridge compressor repair in your home or office. The professionals at AAA Michael's Refrigeration Services are experts at identifying the fault in refrigerator parts such as compressors and suggest possible remedies in consultation with the customer.

    Fridge freezer repairs are common in summer. It’s when the freezer gets loaded fully almost often and the compressor works continuously without rest. Fridge freezer repairs can be related to condensers or freezer doors. If you notice any difference in cooling time inside the freezer, you may immediately contact our commercial refrigeration repair centre for any assistance. We deal with all models – both new and old – from all leading brands of refrigerators in the world.

    Michael's Refrigeration Repairs Services is also expert at refrigerator door repair services. We have the technical excellence to test if the refrigerator door repair is required or not. In case the compressor is working continuously and you hear the humming of the compressor almost all the time, you may call us for your refrigerator door repair.

    The all-encompassing commercial refrigeration repair services offered by Michael's Refrigeration Repair Sydney Services also include the repair, service, installation and maintenance of ice machines, drink fridges, restaurant fridges, bar fridges, freezer rooms and walk-in coolers. We install these equipment’s in your commercial areas and offer regular maintenance as well. We also supply accessories to these equipment’s.

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